College of Arts and Sciences | Traditions and Cultures of Indiana University
X112 | 14338 | Nichols

COLL-X 112 Traditions and Cultures of Indiana University (Nichols)
(2 credit hours)

This course is taught mostly on-line but students are required to
meet in a classroom four evenings; once for a mandatory orientation
meeting and three times for mandatory exams.

Mandatory Orientation Meeting:
10/28/2008 5:30PM-6:45PM CH122

Mandatory Evening Exams:
11/5/2008, 11/19/2008, and 12/10/2008

An on-line examination of the culture of a research university as
told through the storied traditions of IU Bloomington. Students will
learn about the history of American higher education by examining
how the campus has changed since its 1820 founding-in terms of its
demography, programs, and buildings. Certain unique treasures of IUB
(the Gutenberg Bible, Little 500, the Indiana Memorial Union, the
Kinsey Institute) will be used to illustrate issues related to
information technology, student activism, commercialization, and
academic freedom.