Education | American Civil Rights and Higher Education
U212 | 33402 | Dwayne Smith

This course will meet during the second 8 weeks. Instruction begins
Oct. 27.

Course Description: Students should become aware of the hardships
faced by people who were willing to risk their jobs, home and even
their lives to win the “prize” of justice, self-respect and fair
treatment. What was gained from this period, which made this decade
of marches, meetings, jailings, sit-ins, and freedom rides? These
events made America a more democratic society, gave rise to a host
of other movements, which transformed the face of American culture,
changed those who participated in it, and influenced and created a
new generation of American leadership. During this course, you will
be confronted with the following:
•	What roles the US government and political leaders play in
the process of social change?
•	How the United States ensure that its democratic values are
translated into reality?
•	What impact did the media have on the transformation of a
•	How does mayhem in the social order affect the daily lives
of individuals?
•	What role did higher education play in the Civil Rights