Education | Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations: Past, Present, and Future
U212 | 33409 | Lamara Warren

This course will meet during the second 8 weeks. Instruction begins
Oct. 27.

Course Description: Historical Black Greek –letter Organizations
(HGBLOs) have been a part of higher education for over 90 years.
This course will cover the history of the nine traditionally African-
American sororities and fraternities on college and university
campuses. Specifically, it will focus on the campus and societal
climates during their founding years and their involvement in the
social movements (i.e. Women’s suffrage, civil rights, Vietnam war,
etc.) of the 20th century. The course will also examine the impact
of involvement in HGBLOs as it relates to student development for
Black students as well as campus and community culture. This course
will include extensive authentic, challenging, and spirited dialogue
on the historic and contemporary problems faced by HBGLOs (i.e.
exclusive recruitment practices, poor academic performance, hazing
and membership intake issues, small chapter sizes, decline in social
action and participation in public service, dichotomous campus Greek
systems, etc.). The overall goal of this course is to challenge
participants to critically analyze HGBLOs and their positive and
negative influences on undergraduate students, institutions of
higher education, and society.