Education | Military Veterans and Higher Education
U212 | 33410 | John Summerlot

This course will meet during the second 8 weeks. Instruction begins
Oct. 27.

Course Description: This course will give an overview of the history
of interactions between higher education and military veterans as
well as examine the current state of affairs for military veterans
in higher education. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the
historical context of the Morrill Land Grant Act and especially the
GI Bill and their roles in higher education growth. We will explore
the differences and similarities of veterans’ experiences in higher
education during four significant time periods: post-World War II,
Korea/Vietnam Era, the 1980s/First Gulf War, and our current
veterans. We will examine the effects of changes in benefits, campus
cultures, social influences, and policies on campus, state, and
national levels. Although there will be common references at Indiana
University, it will not be the only institution examined.  Speakers
from campus and the community will be used as well to illustrate the
individual experiences of veterans.