English | Projects In Reading & Writing: Food for Thought
W170 | 9301 | Welsch

TOPIC:	     Food for Thought
INSTRUCTOR:  Lindsay Welsch

9301	 TR	 5:45pm  7:00pm      	BH 232
9300	 TR      7:15pm  8:30pm	BH 231

Eating is always a cultural act, but it is always also determined by
personal tastes, distastes, associations, and desires.  Starting out
with the idea that food represents one site of interchange between
self and society, this course will explore the multiple meanings of
eating for the psychological subject.  We will practice reading and
writing about essays, stories, television shows, and films in order
to interrogate the many ways in which food might be more than just
fuel.  By thinking critically about representations of food and
eating, we will consider how this seemingly trivial or
straightforward activity might be connected to our conceptions of
ourselves - as social animals, as consumers, as desiring subjects,
etc.  For the food-conscious and the "zone-out" eater alike, this
class will encourage you to analyze the various foods and
associations with food that surround us all daily.  Although we will
begin the course with personal reflections about our own
relationships with certain foods or ways of eating, we will quickly
move away from personal opinions and associations to writing in a
scholarly fashion that engages and analyzes textual evidence.  Texts
for analysis will include Food Network episodes, short stories, the
films Ratatouille and Chocolat, and others.