English | Projects In Reading & Writing: Reality Television
W170 | 9302 | Owusu-Tyo

TOPIC:  Reality Television: Industry, Cultural Politics and Fans
INSTRUCTOR:  Ana Owusu-Tyo

9302	TR	5:45pm – 7:00pm		BH 222

With programs on virtually every channel and two networks devoted
exclusively to the genre one cannot deny reality television’s
popularity -- regardless of how one feels about its artistic merit.
The colonizing effect that reality television has had on popular
media makes it a rich venue from which to explore larger questions
about our national desires and preoccupations. In other words, like
it or not, reality TV has much to tell us about ourselves and our
culture. In this class we will examine reality televisions links to
our national identity.   This course will address three aspects of
reality television:  “genre & industry, cultural politics, and
Since this is a reading and writing course, watching actual programs
will occupy a small portion of class time. We will be more invested
in the arguments set forth by cultural critics and in developing and
writing our own arguments. Students will be expected to complete a
substantial amount of reading, weekly quizzes, and several large
writing assignments as well a few smaller ones.