English | Writing Fiction
W301 | 27664 | Bob Bledsoe

Bob Bledsoe

PREREQUISITE:  Submission of manuscript required for permission.
R:  W103 or W203.

2:30p-3:45p TR (15 students) 3 cr.

This creative writing course is intended for the student eager to
develop both writing and reading skills, and more fully understand
the work of creating fiction.  With that in mind, we will read and
discuss the published work of writers, with an eye on reading like a
We will discuss the most important elements of craft, and finally,
discuss our own stories in workshop.  I foster a safe and supportive
environment in workshop, with a focus on how we make a submitted
piece its best.

Students should submit a brief email "cover letter" (it shouldn't be
more than a paragraph  or so) outlining previous writing courses as
well as your interest in this course in  particular, along with 10-
20 pages of what you consider to be your best writing.  Ideally,
this should be a "finished" story, not a fragment; something with a
beginning, middle, and an end, but I will surely consider whatever
you'd like to send.  Please be sure  to include your name, student
id#, phone number in your email.  (I ask for this information so the
creative writing secretary can clear you in the system for

I look forward to your materials and to an exciting course.

Please send them to me: robledso@indiana.edu