English | Writing Poetry
W303 | 27666 | Maurice Manning

Maurice Manning

PREREQUISITE:  Submission of manuscript required for permission.
R:  W103 or W203.

To apply, you should submit to the undergraduate secretary in BH 442
the following: 3 poems with a cover sheet listing your name, email
address, and a list of the creative writing courses you’ve taken.

This will be a standard poetry writing workshop for students at the
intermediate level.  We will read several books of contemporary
poetry with an eye toward poetic craft—how a good poem is made, as
opposed to its subject matter.  That eye toward craft is also the
focus students will give to their writing.  As such, students will
be given specific assignments to address features of craft such as
the line, syntax, meter, form, diction, rhetorical figure (simile,
metaphor, anaphora, etc.), and a host of others.  The first couple
of weeks will be spent learning how to read a poem—that, too, is an
art!  The rest of the semester will be workshop; over the semester
students will write 12 poems and review two books of contemporary