English | Teaching Creative Writing
W554 | 9334 | Bowman

W554  9334 BOWMAN
Teaching Creative Writing

2:30p – 5:30p M


W554 is a required course for all incoming MFA Creative Writing
students. The aim of this course is to prepare you to teach college-
level creative writing classes in poetry and prose. In this course
we will discuss hands-on practical methods and strategies for
leading the creative workshop.  We will also practice various modes
and models for teaching the writing and reading of poetry and
fiction. We will discuss various pedagogical theories, and political
orientations around the teaching of writing. We will investigate the
place of creative writing within the university and the function of
the workshop, what it means to teach “creativity,” the role of the
artist/teacher in the classroom and the writing community, a writers
approach to teaching literature, the kinds of practices and work
generally privileged over others in the college writing workshop and
why.  We will also look at the work and teaching of artists from
various disciplines as a way to think about the teaching of poetry
and fiction writing. On a practical level we will discuss ways of
dealing with difficult situations in the classroom, creating a
community of openness in the class, how to grade, how to manage
time, and how to organize the workshop.