Fine Arts | Introduction to East Asian Art
A160 | 26801 | Frick

This course is a chronological survey of representative works of
Chinese, Japanese and Korean art, popular art and architecture from
1600 through the contemporary era. We will discuss specific schools,
movements and private and official artists in each country as well
as residential and garden architecture. Early and diverse cultural
interactions between the East Asian countries resulted in the
production of similar aesthetical ideas. The course will also focus
on the context and the conditions of art production such as the role
of the artist in society, definition, significance and function of
art as well as the interrelationship between society and art. Some
of the works we will study clearly reflect the subversive potential
of art in times of unrest and uncertainty. In addition we will
examine the impact of western concepts of art on the art scene in
East Asia as well as vice versa the role of for example Japanese
prints on the formation of modern art in Europe.

The students are required to attend class regularly and participate
in discussion. In addition there will be a series of six quizzes
over the course, a one five-page paper,  a midterm exam (in class)
and a final exam. Both exams will be based on an essay question and
the explanation of some key notes.

Oncourse: on-line readings