Fine Arts | 19th Century European Art
A341 | 16281 | Facos

The period 1760-1900 was an age of revolution: economic, industrial,
political, and social.  How did these revolutions impact attitudes,
beliefs, and everyday life?  How did people explain the
unprecedented changes that forever changed individuals and their
place in the world?  How were these changes reflected in art?  By
studying the imagery of the European past, we can better understand
the complex and dynamic world in which we now live.  The major
themes considered in this course are: nationalism, imperialism,
urbanization, the changing relationship between the individual and
nature/society, and the ways in which artists responded to these in
their subject matter and technique.  There will be two, non-
cumulative quizzes, a take-home final, a term paper/project, and
short, weekly reading responses.