Fine Arts | Dada and Surrealism
A349 | 26709 | Kennedy

Hans Arp, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Joan Miro, René Magritte,
Salvador Dali—these are a few of the names associated with the Dada
and Surrealism. The course will examine the radically nonconformist
ideas of these artists and others who participated in the Dada and
Surrealist movements. Dada, which had its origins during the First
World War, launched an attack on existing social and cultural
institutions through a celebration of chance, disorder, and madness.
Surrealism, which took shape in Paris after the war, began as a
series of experiments designed to tap images and impulses from the
artist's subconscious; it developed into a twenty-year effort to
liberate art from the confines of established structures of thought
and visual languages; ultimately, it contributed to the development
of Abstract Expressionism in the United States. We will look at
major works of painting and sculpture, with attention also given to
poetry, performance, installations, photography, and film.