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F100 Fundamental Studio Drawing

This is a general description based on an academic year semester.  It
is intended as a guide.  Your instructor will provide you with
specific course requirements.

F100 Drawing is an introductory course that provides students a free
hand linear approach to pictorial representation.  Various graphic
media, methods, and skills define “form” and “personal” geometric and
expressive studies from nature, constructed objects, and imaginary
sources.  Initially, the curriculum emphasized geometrical line
principles that develop hand-eye coordination and a visual awareness
for the interpretation of a two-dimensional image.  This entails
visual measuring, isometric and perspective constructions, reflection
principles, optical illusions, and dimensional representations of
simple volumetric objects.  Graphite pencils are used to create clear
and exact line and shape forms having specific proportional
limitations.  These studies introduce visual concepts that underlie
and are preparatory to a subsequent and more personally expressive
free-hand drawing discipline.  Line and shaded (value color)
relationships are studied in unified compositions and offer the
student a more complex interpretation of physical form and reflected
light.  Through the course “formal” analytic and “free” intuitive
approaches combine a conscious, deliberate, skills control with
personal investigations of ideas manifesting the drawing act.
Seeing/perceiving and thinking/conceiving through drawing reveals to
each student a personal history of visual experience that is
continually revised.  And although various studies may be defined by
different degrees of material and/or conceptual limitations, the
visual representation can never constitute a definitive application of
ideas.  The intention and clarity of each drawing can be questioned
and only suggests a continuing visual potential.  Search and discovery
practice that is progressively self-defining reveals adventurous and
independent activity while increasing the individual’s sensitivity and
visual awareness.  Drawing from life in itself is a definition of
continual change, of self, and self in relation to a larger world context.

The goals of the course are to develop through experience, by trial
and error, the student’s visual imagination and understanding.

A lab fee is charged.  Please see for
fee details.