Fine Arts | Printmaking II: Intaglio
S341 | ALL | Bernstein

S341 Printmaking II: Itaglio

This is a general description based on an academic year semester.  It
is intended as a guide.  Your instructor will provide you with
specific course requirements.

This course attempts to deal with problems that arise in extending and
developing the studentsí personal imagery in terms of the various
intaglio media.  Drawing and composition are stressed and techniques
are introduced as they are needed in order to help the student realize
his/her intentions.  Problems in pictorial composition and drawing

Basic Approach:  As in all printmaking course, we place a large amount
of emphasis on trying to help the student evolve or develop her/his
personal imagery in terms of the medium.  Intaglio is a flexible
medium that readily lends itself to many approaches both technical and
conceptual.  Techniques are introduced as they are needed in order to
achieve a particular end in the development of the work.  The stress
is not on numbers of prints but rather on the quality of the print and
on the conceptual awareness of the student.  Each student will
probably be working on individual ways and possibly on different
levels and at different speeds.  Much attention is paid to
compositional and drawing problems so that, in effect, the medium of
intaglio is used as a means of helping the student solve these
problems.  In this sense, intaglio is an excellent teaching medium
that relates directly to painting and drawing and indirectly to
sculpture.  Normally we work in black and white which helps the
student understand the importance of values and their relation to
color.  Advanced classes work in color frequently.

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