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S490 Advanced Photography I

This is a general, academic year, course description intended as a
guide.  Your instructor will provide you with the most up to date
course requirements.

Prerequisite:  S392
An authorization from the instructor is required for registration.

Offered every semester.

This course assumes a reasonable level of competence.  It attempts to
evaluate the degree of commitment to photography on the part of the
student and thus serves as a type of gateway course.  This is
accomplished by reducing the level of imposed discipline and mandatory
assignments, compared to S392 and placing more of the onus of
direction on the student.  S490 concentrates, by means of discussions
and critical activity, upon building an understanding of the
interaction between people and photographs.  Some readings are
assigned and discussed, but the main thrust is directed discussion
based upon the studentsí photographs and other original prints,
reproductions, and exhibitions, when available.  Attendance is required.

A lab fee is charged.  See for more
information on fees.