Folklore | Ghanaian Performance & Culture
F609 | 29736 | K. Brown

Above course open to graduate students only.

Above course requires the permission of the instructor. Please
contact Kwesi Brown at to request permission.

Fulfills: Area

The Ghanaian Music Performance and Culture Course will perform
traditional Ghanaian music using voices and traditional instruments
including drums, xylophones, flutes, bells, rattles, and gourds. The
ensemble performs music reflecting a variety of Ghanaian musical
occasions and situations in various groups of the country with
emphasis on its relation to individual cultures, its structure and

The class will be divided into two sections. First section begins
with warm-up exercises to condition the body by developing strength,
aerobic stamina, coordination, flexibility, and rhythmic awareness.
Second section will focus on learning Ghanaian traditional dances
and songs, as well as their historical and cultural contexts.
Students work closely with the instructor to gain understanding of
the relationship between the master drummer and dancers.

Attire/Personal Belongings for Class:
Please dress in flexible clothes that enable you to move freely
(sweats, dance attire, or yoga clothes). No excessive jewelry. Long
hair should be pulled back and securely fastened.  Use bath rooms to
change into dance clothes. No bags or street shoes are allowed in
the studio. NO CELL PHONES. They must be turned off and out of sight
prior to entering the classroom.

•To expose students to a variety of Ghanaian dance forms and the
social and political fabric in which they are enmeshed
•To heighten students’ sensitivity to cross-cultural differences
•To develop students’ observational, descriptive, and analytical
skills as they pertain specifically to dance

Classroom and Studio Etiquette:
•Demonstrate an understanding of the class structure by arriving in
the studio or classroom prepared for class and allowing for
sufficient time to transition
•Be respectful of your peers, instructor, and guests at all times
•Receive and apply feedback and correction in a respectful manner
•Work safely and effectively in class and allow others to do so
•Apply focus and concentration
•If for some reason you are unable to dance, please inform the
instructor before class begins
•In the event of an injury alert the instructor immediately
•No street shoes, gum, beverages or food are allowed in the studios -
plastic water bottles are permitted