Folklore | Theorizing African-American Music
F725 | 28570 | P. Maultsby

Fulfills: Theory

Above class meets at 501 N. Park.

Above class meets with AAAD-A 590, AMST-G 751.

This course will introduce students to the theoretical perspectives
rendered in the seminal publications on African American music by
scholars of folklore, sociology, philosophy, history, English,
anthropology, musicology, ethnomusicology, language arts, and
cultural studies. We will critique the methodological and analytical
approaches employed from the 19th century to present and how they
shaped underlying assumptions in narratives on diverse topics such
as origins, aesthetics, musical transformation, authenticity,
representation, appropriation, and diasporic connections. This
course also will also examine the recurrent themes of race, culture,
class, and gender in these narratives and how they influenced the
ideological perspectives of a given historical period and socio-
cultural-political context. Genres studied will include Negro
spirituals, 18th & 19th century secular forms, jazz, blues, gospel,
popular forms (including hip-hop), and women-identified music.