French and Italian | Thème et version: cours avancé
F574 | 28871 | Stephens, Sonya

This advanced course in translation (from and into French) will
extend your command of both languages and examine principles and
procedures that underlie the process of translation. It will
introduce theoretical approaches to translation, and explain and
apply a variety of translation techniques. Through a wide range of
exercises, including different types of translation (literal, gist,
free, literary etc.) and translation commentaries, and using a
similarly wide range of difference source texts/media, we will
examine and compare the expressive structures characteristic of
French and English. The course will lead you to analyze critically
both source and target texts, especially features such as lexis,
syntax, style and register, and to appraise and engage with features
such as appropriateness, authenticity, coherence, equivalent effect,
and of course accuracy. The course will be conducted in both French
and English.