French and Italian | Seminar in Medieval Italian Literature
M603 | 27262 | Storey, H. Wayne

Topic: Literary Politics in Medieval Italian Literature.  What
are “literary politics”? how do they affect the nature of our
reading and interpretation of medieval Italian literature? These two
questions form the basis of this seminar, which considers the
critical filters of the study of medieval Italian literature, from
the image of Federico II in the Tuscan Novellino, Dante’s
suppression of Guittone d’Arezzo, and the pivotal role of
Boccaccio’s redefinitions of Dante and Petrarch, to the
controversies that surround the 1921 and current editions of the
Divine Comedy and the schools of critical thought in
Petrarchan studies. In addition the class will investigate the
application of critical and theoretical trends in the study of
medieval Italian literature and its historical documentation.