Germanic Languages | GERMAN FILM CULTURE
E323 | 27199 | Brigitta Wagner

Topic: German Cinema after the Wall

Course Description:
In this course we will survey German cinema since the Wende, the
period of political change surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall in
1989.  As we trace the development of a ‘postwall’ cinema, we will be
paying particular attention to the cultural historical context in
which the films were made.  While examining the films as specific
aesthetic and narrative products of German unification, we will also
consider the ways in which they relate to cultural politics,
globalization, geography, and shifts in historiography.

Readings and discussions will be in English, and no prior study of
German or film is assumed.

Required Text:
David Clarke, ed.  German cinema since unification.  Continuum, 2006.
ISBN:  0-8264-8145-0

[All other texts will be available on the course website.]