G403 | 27196 | Hildegard Keller

Hartmann von Aue wrote the first German novel. Its title-figure is the
knight Erec. The French original “Erec et Enide” also included Erec’s
wife in its title.  Why did Hartmann omit her and what is her role in
the story?  We will look for answers as a means of accessing
Hartmann’s literary world through careful reading.

The major goal of this course is to introduce students to the rich
cultural, historical, literary, and linguistic world of
German-speaking countries during the Middle Ages. A complementary goal
is to develop students’ German-language proficiency; hence, the
language of instruction will be German.

Each week will include practice in storytelling and reading the
original texts out loud. Even if Middle High German represents new
territory for you, think of these experiments as an adventure in
themselves,  In this and other ways, the seminar will seek to explore
the convergence of medieval and modern conceptions and experiences of

Reading list
Hartmann von Aue: Erec. Mittelhochdeutscher Text und Übertragung von
Thomas Cramer. Frankfurt am Main 2000 (Fischer Taschenbuch 6017).
Please bring your own copy to class. Further reading will be at your
disposition during the course, including a Middle High German Grammar.

Participation, contributions, attendance:
Participation is the life-blood of any seminar. Commit yourself to
conversation, offer thoughtful comments on your readings and on your
classmate’s work, and help each other to speak and to be heard. You
are also expected to write four short essays. Twice in the semester,
you will act as discussion leader.

The final grade will be determined by these weighted factors (this is
an approximation): Active participation in class 20%; short essays
40%; leading discussions 20%.