Germanic Languages | Modern German Literature
G404 | 27195 | Johannes Turk

Topic: German Literature since Romanticism

This course examines major works of the German literary tradition
since Romanticism. Its aim is to introduce you to the historical
periods and help you develop an informed view on the major themes and
problems that gave rise to the novellas, plays and poems we read. It
will also provide the knowledge necessary to understand literary
genres and forms.
We will not only discuss the texts, but also pictures and films that
allow us to gain a more vivid perspective on the writers and their
time. The course should also contribute to the improvement of your
German. Discussions and short lectures will be mainly in German,
essays are written in English.


Brecht, Leben des Galilei
Büchner, Woyzeck
Kafka, Der Heizer
Thomas Mann, Der Tod in Venedig
Sebald, Die Ausgewanderten
Stifter, Granit

Some of these texts as well as additional readings will be provided on