Germanic Languages | German College Teaching
G500 | 9792 | S. Even

The intention of the course is to familiarize associate instructors
with theoretical and practical considerations of language teaching
and learning. We will look at several approaches and methods of
language teaching: from early 20th century trends to current
communicative approaches, as well as a broad range of alternative

The course investigates ways in which different approaches and
methods can be utilized in the foreign language lesson in order to
afford a rich learning environment. Participants are required to
give practical presentations of different teaching methods through
short teaching sequences.

We will also take a critical look at traditional dichotomies:
explicit versus implicit language instruction, grammar versus
communication, foreign language versus mother tongue. The concepts
of language awareness, language learning reflection, and learner
autonomy will be examined as indicators of a shift in language
teaching towards learner-centered approaches.

Required readings

Richards, Jack / Rodgers, Theodore: Approaches and Methods in
Language Teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001 (2nd

Selected articles and excerpts.