Global Village Living-Learning Center | Manifestos: Persuading Unbelievers and Inciting Revolutions
G210 | 26643 | Paul Kanczuzeweski

3 cr.) (A&H) (TR, 2:30-3:45, FQ 012A)  Usually consisting of
relatively few words, the manifesto is a powerful genre that
proposes novel ideas, persuades unbelievers and provokes
revolutions.  This course will investigate both the destructive and
constructive qualities of these texts: while they reject and
undermine the dominant systems of beliefs, they also propose new
philosophies that aspire to establish new ways of thinking.  An
interdisciplinary approach will be take on this international
phenomenon: we will draw on literature, politics, economics,
sociology and gender studies to understand these political, literary
and social manifestos.  Our class will answer questions such as: How
did Marx start a revolution?  Why did Marinetti want to burn all the
libraries?  Why does Huidobro make a bird nest on a rainbow?  How
does S.C.U.M wish to change patriarchic society?  Evaluation will
include short response papers, class presentations and two exams.