Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: Latinas in the U.S.
G104 | 18017 | Martinez, S

This course focuses on the experiences of Latinas in the United
States.  Although many believe that Latinas, women of Latin American
heritage in the United States, arrived only recently, in fact
thousands of Latinas can trace their ancestry in territories that
became part of the United States back to the sixteenth, seventeenth,
and eighteenth centuries, well before the great waves of European
and Asian immigrants.  We will examine how Latinas' experiences and
cultural expressions are shaped by intersections of race, gender,
and class. The course would begin with a theoretical framework of
the Latina experience. Thereafter, we will focus on how the
institutions of health, education, and work perpetuate inequalities.
Discussions will include the following topics: Exclusion of women of
color in feminist theory; Chicana Feminist Discourse; Latinas in
Education; Latinas and Health; and Latinas and Work.