History | The Hapsburgs & Hungary
D300 | 33278 | Fulemile

2nd 8 weeks only

In 1526 in the battle of Mohacs Suleiman the Magnificentís army
crushed the Hungarian army. The young Jagiellon Louis II, brother in-
law of Habsburg Ferdinand died on the battle-field. The throne of
Hungary became subject of dynastic dispute. Hungary fell into three
parts, while the Ottomans occupied central and Southern Hungary.
From this time on the Habsburg Empire as a Central European Empire
started to gradually emerge. From Ferdinand to Charles the IV (1916-
1918) the last Habsburg king of Hungary, 16 Habsburg rulers followed
each other in the throne of kingdom Hungary. The course is
discussing this long period of history of Hungary embedded into the
Habsburg dynastic history and into the larger European context.
Besides basic political history there will be an emphasis on social
and cultural history of the time. Alongside historic literature,
archival sources, images, artworks will be used for analysis.

The course is an interdisciplinary course using approaches of
history, historical anthropology and art history. No preliminary
studies are required.

5-6 pp paper with a PowerPoint presentation in class 20 %
10-l2 pp term paper for graduates, 7-8 pp for undergraduates 40 %
In-class final paper (test, blank map, essay) 20 %
Seminar work: (class activity, reading reports, work with web
sources) 20 %.