History | Traditional East Asian Civilization
H237 | 17807 | Struve

Above class carries Culture Studies credit
Above class meets with EALC-E251
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2:30-3:45 MW or 2:30-3:45 TR.

This course treats the cultural histories of China, Japan, and Korea
from prehistoric times through the seventeenth century.  We examine
how the cultures of these three regions remained distinct in many
ways, while also participating in a single East Asian civilization.
Attention especially is drawn to political institutions, social
values, philosophical and religious thought, and aesthetic
sensibilities in the arts and literature. Our reading from the basic
textbook, Schirokauer, "A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese
Civilizations," is supplemented with materials about Korea posted on
Oncourse. Translated literature (principally, from Birch, "Anthology
of Chinese Literature," Vol. I, and Keene, "Anthology of Japanese
Literature," shows us how certain concepts and values are expressed
in the original writings of Chinese and Japanese authors. Grades are
based on three essay examinations, a short paper concerning the
memoir of a Korean queen (Lady Hyegyong), and a series of short
quizzes. Extra-credit exercises involving museum observations
outside of class are optional.