History | East European History
H745 | 27203 | Bucur

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only

This seminar will focus on writing papers based on primary research
in the East European field, with the goal of producing a publishable-
quality piece by each class member.  There is no overarching theme
to the course to start with.  Instead, the specific themes on which
we will read in the course will depend on who is in fact enrolled in
the class.  However, one important focus will be to understand the
process of writing articles as a specific genre, and to begin
building up writing skills as a professional historian, in view of
the book-length projects all students are ultimately hoping to

The course will be divided into two parts; during the first six
weeks of class we will meet and discuss various examples of
published writing, as well as analyze together some primary
sources.  Theoretical grounding, methodology, writing style, and
specific historiographic debates connected to these materials will
be the subject of our discussion.  My selection of readings will be
a combination of different kinds of article-length pieces (e.g.,
chapters, working papers, articles), of genres of audiences (e.g.,
public history, field-specific publications, broad historical
publications, web, print), and of thematic fields of historiography
(e.g., social, cultural, political).  

In the second part of the course, students will meet with me
individually and will also have a chance to meet together in small
groups and read over each other’s drafts.  We will reconvene in the
last three weeks of the semester for presentations of the individual
papers, which will be structured in the format of conference panels,
with commentators and a Q and A at the end of each presentation.