History | Honors Seminar
K392 | 10080 | Shopkow

Obtain online authorization from the undergraduate advisor in BH 706
Above class COLL intensive writing section

When people take history courses, they often think of history as
something unproblematic and over. The point of a history course is
that you “learn history.” If you know a lot of facts you “know
history.”  Historians, however, don’t think of history as over; they
see their task as creating history or “doing history.”  We see
histories (written by you, by professional historians, or by popular
writers) as an entirely human product, produced in an entirely human
way, out of human interests and with human ends in mind.

This course is intended to prepare you for creating your first
independent piece of history writing: your honors thesis or honors
paper. You’ve written history before, of course, but generally on a
smaller scale and you probably haven’t had to decide on the topic,
figure out all the possible sources, evaluate the sources and the
problems you might have using them, determine the controversies in
your field and respond to them, find your own place within these
controversies, and write the whole thing up in twenty-five pages or
more.  We’ll be exploring how we might be more prepared to do some
of these things through the readings, our discussions of them, and
the written assignments in the course.