Honors | Generational Stories (HON)
H203 | 30143 | Ray Hedin

TuTh 1:00-2:15pm

This course will focus on generational stories: stories that address
various relationships between generations (family; parent-child;
adult-child). The assumption behind this course is that these
relationships are central to most of us and that we can benefit from
looking at stories that clarify (and complicate) the way we
understand them. We will also look at works that are recognized as
effectively capturing the mood of an entire generation.

We will address these topics through stories because stories are the
primary mechanism by which individuals and cultures make sense of
everything that matters to them. So I will begin with a lecture on
the way that stories do make sense of things; the sense-making power
of stories (along with the factors that complicate sense-making)
will continue as a focus throughout the course. We will then turn to
a wide range of stories and forms – fairy tales, short stories and
novels, films, personal essays - in which generational issues are

Students will be expected to write two essays, a mid-term exam, a
final exam, and frequent quizzes and exercises. One of the essays
may be based on the student’s interview of someone of a different
generation. Shorter readings will be available either through e-
reserve. Students will be expected to have read the assigned
material by the first day on which it is to be addressed in lecture.

Grades will be determined on the following basis:
20%:  Attendance, participation, quizzes, in-class writing,
oncourse assignments
20%:   First paper
20%:   Second paper
20%:   Midterm exam
20%:   Final exam

Plagiarism is a violation of everything that the university stands
for.  Any student guilty of it will be subjected to the strongest
penalties available, which may include automatic failure in the
course. Details of the plagiarism policy will be explained in
discussion section.

The final exam time is set by the university.  Students whose exam
schedules would require them to take three finals on the same day
may ask one of their instructors for an alternate exam time.  No
other exceptions will be granted.

Course Materials: This is a tentative, but the final list will be
very close to this one.

Selected fairy tales
The Godfather, Part One (film)
Miller, Death of a Salesman
Tilghman, “In a Father’s Place”
Carver, “The Father”
Spiegelman, Maus a Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History
Spiegelman, Maus II a Survivor’s Tale: And Here My Troubles Began,
Lahiri, “A Temporary Matter” and “Mrs. Sen’s”
Moore, “Which Is More than I Can Say For Some People”
Bloom, “Hold Tight”
Quammen, “Walking Out”
Hedin, “My Father’s Bowling Trophies”
Biguenet, “Lunch with My Daughter”
Toibin, “A Song”
Baldwin, “The Outing” and “Going to Meet the Man”
Millhauser, “Sisterhood of the Night”
Barthelme, “Me and Miss Mandible”
Morrison, The Bluest Eye
Harold and Maude (film)
Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Schlink, The Reader
The Graduate (film)
Bloom, “Night Vision”
Puckner, “Child’s Play”
Hemingway, In Our Time
O’Brien, The Things They Carried