Honors | Ideas & Experience I (HON)
H211 | 16931 | Gareth Evans

MW 9:30-10:45am

In this course, we will examine the theory and practice of epic
poetry and tragic drama. We will begin with the debate between
Aristotle and Plato about the nature and reliability of art.  We
will read Greek, Roman, and Medieval Christian epics, and we’ll
compare Sophoclean and Shakespearean tragedy. In part, out study
will involve examining how the authors we read adopt and adapt the
work of their predecessors. We will be concerned, too, with the
values, goals, and beliefs expressed in the work we read.
Aristotle, Theory of Poetry and Fine Art (Dover)
Plato, The Republic (selections)
Homer, The Odyssey (Fagles translation)
Virgil, The Aeneid (Translation TBA)
Dante, The Inferno (Ciardi translation)
Shakespeare, Hamlet (Arden edition)
Sophocles, Three Theban Plays (Penguin)
•Attendance and participation in discussions and in-class activities.
•Two essays of four to six pages in length, one essay of 6-8 pages
in length. You may revise one of the four to six page essays.  The
longer essay and the revised essay will be research essays.
•Four or five two page commentaries and a number of in-class writing
exercises about issues raised by the texts.
•A library research exercise in which you’ll learn how to search
IUCAT and a number of subject specific databases.