Honors | Honors Seminar in Industry & Management (TEL)
S453 | 16681 | Michael McGregor

TuTh 11:15am-12:30pm

In this seminar we will explore how international telecommunications
networks have helped tie once relatively isolated countries into an
integrated world system and examine the role of telecommunications
in its operation.  We will then discuss how different countries have
positioned themselves within this world system.  The discussions
will cover questions such as:  Why do countries feel compelled to
invest in their telecommunications infrastructure?  How do they go
about creating this infrastructure?  What are the implications of
the current technological trends?  After gaining an understanding of
the basic dynamics of international telecommunications, we will
explore the implications of these long-term trends for First,
Second, and Third World countries.  We will end our deliberations by
making projections about the future of our increasingly
interdependent world.

Readings: Will be made available via electronic reserve.