Honors | National and International Policy (SPEA)
V160 | 15600 | Eugene McGregor

TuTh 2:30-3:45pm

Examination of the great national and international issues of U.S.
public affairs, including the major policy debates, the logic and
process of public problem-solving, and the techniques of policy
analysis applied to public action.

Discussions, readings, research, and debates are built around core
reading that deals with: the democratic struggle over the current
size and shape of American government as an instrument of public
action, the policy choices embedded in U.S. fiscal policy, the
problem of American dependence on petroleum importation, the
changing nature of poverty and inequality in post-industrial
societies, the American health security problem, the effects of
globalization on American society and its economy, and the
challenges and choices confronting American public schools.
Major assignments include short papers, a research project,
independent reading, and debates on resolutions defined by the class.