History and Philosophy Of Science | Philosophy of Time
X755 | 26530 | Jordi Cat

Jordi Cat
Philosophy of Time

This course explores a number of questions regarding the concept of
time in metaphysics as well as in science and its methods: Is time
real? Does it exist without actual change? Does time have a
beginning? Can statements about the future be true or false? What
makes time asymmetric? Does the arrow of time rest on the arrow of
causal relations or the other way around? Is all change
irreversible? Are physical theories about irreversible processes? Is
time's arrow made out of temporal instants? If not, what does it
mean to talk about instantaneous velocity? What's the relation
between irreversibility and determinism? What does it mean that time
is relative? Does relastivity imply indeterminism? Does time travel
make physical sense? What are historical explanations? Can
scientific explanations be historical?