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Y100 | ALL | R Brown

INFO-Y 100: Exploring Informatics & Computer Science
School of Informatics – Indiana University
Fall 2008

Meeting Time:  1-2:15pm
Class: INFO- Y100 	  Informatics Building I2 (919 E. 10th) 130

Instructor: Richelle Brown, Director of Student Academic Support

Contact Information:
Office: School of Informatics – 919 East 10th Street – Room 100
Phone: 812-855-8625

Office Hours: By Appointment

Course Description:
Technology is everywhere and how it relates to the world today is
very important to the future.  Y100 is a 1-credit hour, 8-week course
that is geared towards students who have an interest in using
technology in their career and want to learn what IT has to offer, as
well as what their options are at IUB for majors, certificates and

The objective of this course is to offer students an opportunity to
explore the many tracks within the fields of Informatics and Computer
Science, while also learning about multiple careers available to
students majoring in the fields.  Emphasis will be placed on the
various ways technology affects the work world and how students can
tailor a major to their individual interests.  The course will
promote a hands-on, interactive and self-reflective course

To discover/understand who you are by assessing your own skills,
interest, and values
Find out what Informatics & Computer Science majors entail &
resources are available
Explore the careers that relate to Informatics & Computer Science
Gain decision-making skills

Participation and Homework:
Students will be expected to attend all class sessions, complete all
assignments, and actively participate in class discussions.

Attending class is required and will make-up a large portion of your
final grade.  Absences may be excused for legitimate reasons, if
permission has been granted by the instructor.  We will pick up your
reflection minute writing card at the end of each class.

Required Text/Readings:
Class Schedule:
Week 1: What is the School of Informatics?
Course Overview, Exploring the School, Assessment Activity

Week 2: School of Informatics Degree Tracks Part I: Computer Science
Exploring Computer Science -- Sample Curriculum – Hands-on Example
*Assessment Reflection Due

Week 3: School of Informatics Degree Tracks Part II: Informatics
Exploring Informatics -- Sample Curriculum – Hands-on Example

Week 4: Tailoring your interest to your specialty area.
Exploring Cognates & Computer Science Tracks

Week 5: You can do that with a major in the School of Informatics?
Exploring INFO/CS Careers

Week 6: Critical Thinking.
Exploring critical thinking
*Informational Interview or Job Shadow Experience or Event
Attendance Reflection Due

Week 7: Discovering Resources.
Exploring resources

Week 8: Closing in on the School of INFOrmatiCS.
Course Wrap Up, Reflections
*Plan-of-Action Documentary Due

Participation: You must attend each class session and actively
participate in our discussions when appropriate.  We will take
attendance by reflection minutes.

Assessment Reflection: Write a 1-page (single-spaced) reflection on
your assessment results.

One of the Following Reflections:
Informational Interview: Interview a staff member, faculty, or a
current student in the School of Informatics regarding a topic you
would like to learn more about.  Provide a 1-page (single-spaced)
write-up and include the day, time, location, position and
Job Shadow Experience: Shadow someone in one of the CS/INFO fields of
interest.  Provide a 1-page (single-spaced) write-up and include the
day, time, location, position and the individual shadowed.
Event Attendance: Attend one of the various School of Informatics’
informational programs, guest speaker event, or a colloquium.
Provide a 1-page (single-spaced) write-up and include the day, time,
location and speaker.

Plan-of-Action Documentary: Use what you have learned from Y100 to
showcase your definition of the School of Informatics degrees and
explain your next steps into your major via webcam or PowerPoint.
Upload on Oncourse.
IU Academic Calendar:

Grade Breakdown:
Participation				50
Interest Inventory Reflection		15
Informational Interview			20
Shadowing Experience
Event Attendance
Plan-of-Action Presentation		15
Total Points				100

Grading Scale

A+	98-100
A   	94-96
A-  	90-93
B+	87-89
B	84-86
B-	80-83
C+	77-79
C	74-76
C-	70-73
D+	67-69
D	64-66
D-	60-63
F	59 or below

Student Academic Conduct:
You are expected to abide by the IU Student Ethics Code at all times.

The code covers all aspects of a student's academic work. Academic
dishonesty includes submitting fraudulent work, giving or receiving
unauthorized assistance, tampering with the credibility of
information, cheating on exams or similar measures of performance, or
any other suspect behavior.

Cheating will NOT be tolerated in any form and if found cheating will
equal failure of the course.

We are looking forward to a fun, interactive and informative 8
weeks.  Thank you for joining us and please do not hesitate to
contact us with any questions or concerns!
-Your Y100 Team