Liberal Arts and Management Program | Crisis Management and Speech Communication
L216 | 10749 | Wiethoff, William

This course addresses the need for managerial skill in responding to
business crises, from deficits and layoffs to executive misconduct
and toxic pollution. More specifically, this course prompts students
to develop speech-communication skills that can be applied to the
composition of varied messages, from external press releases to
internal memoranda. Recent estimates suggest that U.S.
businesspeople write100,000 speeches each year, most of which are
vetted by “a committee of thinkers” if not actual speechwriters. As
individuals and as team members, students examine models of crisis
communication in classroom exercises, and then compose speeches
responding to case studies of various types of crises. Class
evaluations of these speeches leads to the development of a rating
scale by which a final, individually crafted speech is evaluated.