Leadership, Ethics and Social Action | Beyond the Sample Gates
L105 | 28238 | Staff

2:30-3:20 PM MW class meeting; Friday hours reserved (no class
meeting) for community activities, though students may schedule 2
hours of volunteering at other times each week, for a total of 20-25
hours for the semester.

S&H, Topics requirement for the College

This is a course to develop the skills required for civic engagement
as a citizen. With work in the community added to other texts and
analytical and reflective writing, the course combines the service
ethic of volunteerism with critical thinking skills and academic
knowledge.  Students will move from the perspective of community
service to one of “service politics,” where individuals can act as co-
creators of a public, common good, connecting service to systemic
social change.  Students will consider how communities make informed
and reasoned decisions and act responsibly on knowledge and
convictions, in order to do the work of citizens in a democracy.

We will discuss questions like these:  What is the role of
volunteering in addressing social problems?  What cultural
assumptions influence decisions and actions? What challenges do
citizens face in discussing complex issues in order to initiate
action? What assets and needs exist in the local community?

For further information about the minor in Leadership, Ethics, and
Social Action, contact lesa@indiana.edu, or see the website at