Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Program
Introductory Kurdish I
Course Description:
The Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish will be taught for the first time in North America at Indiana University. Kurmanji Kurdish is spoken by nearly 15,000,000 of the estimated 27-30 million Kurdish speakers worldwide. Kurmanji is found in an area that extends across the habitats of many cultures. Kurmanji is spoken in Lebanon and Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran, and is the exclusive Kurdish dialect in the former Soviet Republics of the Trans-Caucasus and Central Asia. It is a useful language in Western Europe, where close to a million Kurds have been reestablished. By the end of this course, students will be able to converse with native speakers, be able to read and discuss simple texts, and to write basic essays in the Kurmanji dialect.