Philosophy | Problems of Ethics
P342 | 26537 | Toh

This course will delve into some questions regarding the content, the
scope, and the authority of morality.  We will begin by getting (re-)
acquainted with deontological and consequentialist ethical theories
by reading Kantís Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals and J.S.
Millís Utilitarianism.  We will then spend most of the semester
studying some works of more recent philosophical writers who have
questioned the validity of these two standard modern ethical theories
(and in some cases, the authority of morality itself) by arguing that
they require, or at least recommend, that we act in ways contrary to
some of our core human interests -- e.g. our interests in maintaining
personal integrity, developing deep personal relationships,
conceiving and pursuing important projects and goals, etc.

The reading for this portion of the course will most likely include
works by Bernard Williams, Peter Railton, Barbara Herman, and Samuel