Philosophy | Seminar on Topics in HIstory of Philosophy
P710 | 28254 | R. Wood

Topic: Medieval Aristotelian Natural Philosophy:  Atomism,
Creationism, and Alchemical Change

A look at the tough questions medieval natural philosophers addressed:

Has the world always existed?  Was the past eternal or finite?
Out of what elements is the world comprised?
Is it made up of  indivisible atoms or continuous substances?
Does each substance have a single nature, or is each individual
compounded from many natures?
How does one substance change into another?

We begin by looking at Aristotle and continue with thirteenth- and
fourteenth-century authors: Richard Rufus, Thomas Aquinas, William
Ockham, and Adam Wodeham.

Our focus will be on discussion of primary sources.  Short
presentations by seminar participants will introduce the secondary
literature.  Two ten page papers will offer an opportunity further to
explore topics of interest.