Political Science | International Political Controversies
Y102 | 28989 | Zakaria

Y102 International Political Controversies-Zakaria:This eight week
course introduces you to the variety of ways in which Islam plays a
role in politics, we will pay attention as to how Islam emerges both
as a dominant political discourse allied with the state and also as
a discourse of dissent against the state or other dominant forces.
To study this, we shall be looking at the way Islam operates in
three different political contexts.
a)      The war against terrorism in Pakistan: This section will
begin with general history background on Pakistan and the role of
Islam in Pakistani politics. It will then focus on the conflict in
the Afghan-Pakistan border. We will be looking at geo-political
dimensions of the conflict and discussing ways it can be ended.
b)      The Danish cartoon controversy: This section will focus on
Muslim immigration in Europe. We will begin with studying the
demographic background of Muslims in Europe including immigration
statistics, policies and their impact on minorities (both Muslim and
otherwise) in Europe.  Finally, we will discuss the controversy over
the Danish cartoons and discuss the various debates free speech vs.
respect for religion, dominant vs minority cultures, secularism vs
Islamism within this context
c)      Islam in American Movies: Our final section will be devoted
to the portrayal of Muslims in American movies post 9/11. We will be
watching a series of recent popular American movies in relation to
the question of whether Hollywood promotes or questions the Clash of
Civilizations paradigm.