Political Science | Intra-State Conflict, Resolution and State Bldg
Y490 | 15266 | Sinno

Meets with NELC N305

This course introduces you to research on intra-state conflict,
conflict resolution and state-building. Intra-state conflicts
include civil wars, wars of liberation, secession, revolutions and
ethnic conflicts. Topics addressed include: Where do conflicts
erupt? How do they evolve? How long do they last? Who wins? How &
where could negotiated settlements be reached? What type of polity
will result from the conflict? Which conflicts justify outside
intervention? Does outside intervention work? Can outsiders build a
resilient state? The readings for the course consist of studies that
try to answer those questions broadly, policy papers, and case
studies written by both scholars and practitioners. The course will
particularly address conflicts from the Middle East and North
Africa, including the current confrontations and “state building”
ventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are expected to contribute to
the discussion, submit a guided research report and a paper
proposal, and write a term paper that evaluates some of the theories
you will learn in the context of a specific conflict.