Second Language Studies | Experimental Methods in L2 Lab Phonology
S600 | 16822 | Darcy

SLST S600: Experimental Methods in L2 Laboratory Phonology
Thursdays: 4  6.30 pm

This course will familiarize students with different methods and
computing skills used in Laboratory Phonology Research and
specifically in L2 Phonology Research.
       To become familiar with many common techniques used in (L2)
speech research
       To understand the relationship between methods and research
       To learn to use some important tools for doing phonetics and
       To learn how to program a simple perception experiment
       To learn how to analyze it in simple ways (basic statistics)

       Students need at a minimum to be familiar with phonetics.
Recommended background: L541 Introduction to phonetics.
       Laptop computer would be an advantage to work during the
class. If not available, please contact Instructor as soon as
possible to make arrangements (Lab Class or the like)