Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 12829 | Hotchkiss

Course Description
S100 Section

Have you ever wondered why men and women are concentrated in
different occupations?  Or, why do people behave similarly in
situations that are new to them?  Why do immigrants have
difficulties adjusting to the ways of the United States?  While
biologists may give an explanation of these questions based upon our
genetic makeup and psychologists will show how the functions of the
brain effects our behavior; sociologists think that our behavior is
best understood when we take into account social context.

In Sociology 100 this fall, we will use our “sociological
imagination” to understand how patterns in society impact each of
our lives.  Topics we will address include gender, race, class,
religion, deviance, and politics.  Throughout the semester we will
look at how these topics relate to current social issues.  By the
end of this course you will not only possess the sociological tools
necessary identify social problems and consider possible solutions,
but also to critically examine the society you live in and your
place in it.