Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 12830 | Shaddox

S100    Introduction to Sociology (3CR)
12830   8:00AM-9:15AM   TR   Briscoe Quad (BQ)
Shaddox Fall 2008

Sociology involves the study of human society – its structure,
patterns and problems. This course approaches sociology not as a
concrete body of knowledge, but rather as a perspective that can be
used to understand human behavior and social order. We will use this
sociological perspective in a number of ways to tackle a range of
issues involving inequality, socialization, deviance, race, class,
gender, religion, and politics. Throughout the semester, the
lectures, discussions, readings and assignments will be structured
around several
objectives: (a) To examine the relationship between the individual
and society;
(b) To challenge the simple “Well, that’s just the way things are…”
attitude toward social problems; (c) To understand how these
concepts and tools connect to current issues in today’s world; (d)To
develop analytic skills that will benefit you throughout your time
at IU, and beyond.