Sociology | Social Theory
S340 | 12852 | VonderHaar

In this course, we will examine the thoughts, ideas, and theories of
some of the greatest thinkers in history—Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile
Durkheim, George Herbert Mead, and many more.  We will see how these
social theorists explained their own social worlds, and we will ask
whether their theories have any relevance to social life today.  The
social theories we will examine provide excellent models for
critical thinking.  They will, therefore, serve one of the most
important goals of this course –to develop strong writing skills.
As we will see, social theorists are adept at processing,
organizing, and making sense out of large amounts of information.
They show us how to think in abstract ways and how to recognize
patterns of relationships among different variables.  By reading and
studying these masters of social theory, students will develop
skills that are highly valued in American society today.