Sociology | Topics in Cross-Cultural Soc, Topic:Work in Global Perspective
S346 | 16487 | Michelson

In this class we will explore enormous changes in the character of
work around the world. After first examining the heyday of
industrialization in different parts of the world, we will then
consider the decline of industry. We will use Bloomington as an
example of industrialization and deindustrialization. Following our
study of the causes and consequences of deindustrialization, we will
shift our focus to the parts of the world to which industry has
moved in recent years. We will ask whether ordinary people in China,
for example, have benefited from this global transfer of jobs. We
will also consider the role of Wal-Mart in this process. Throughout
the semester we will explore and debate the meaning of “good jobs”
and “bad jobs,” and we will ask whether the global transfer of jobs
has been good or bad for workers in different parts of the world. In
particular we will consider the issue of gender inequality, whether
the changing character of work has been good or bad for women in
different parts of the world.