Sociology | Honors Thesis Seminar
S498 | 15610 | Armstrong

Sociology 498-499 is different from most other courses you have
taken. Most undergraduate courses give you only a limited
opportunity to research a topic of your own choosing in-depth and
write something that expresses your own ideas about the topic.
Independent research and writing is what the Senior Honors Thesis
Seminar is all about. It will be a challenge, but it will also be an
exciting and rewarding experience. The primary aim of Sociology 498-
499 is to produce a senior honors thesis that shows you have grasped
what is involved in the craft of Sociology. Your thesis should be
something you can be proud of, both because it demonstrates your
ability as a researcher and writer and because you have come to a
new understanding of a problem that you think is important. A thesis
begins with research that aims at making an original contribution to
existing ways of thinking about some aspect of social reality. The
original contribution may take the form of collecting new
information or it may involve putting together what has been said
about a topic in a way that provides new insights.