Sociology | Sexual Diversity
S521 | 14994 | Weinberg

S521  Sexual Diversity      (3 CR)
14994   2:30-5:00, W	Room: BH 003
Martin Weinberg

This course provides a sociological examination of the major social-
psychological and behavioral aspects of human sexual diversity. (I
have not included constructionist readings in this course because I
also give a graduate course [S522] in “Constructing Sexuality.) The
range of sexualities examined will include subject matter on sexual
attitudes (e.g., notions of acceptable behavior in different
segments of the U.S. population), the prevalence of various
behaviors in different socio-cultural locations (e.g., societies,
classes, ethnicities), the intensity and nature of sexual response
by different social groups (e.g., according to biological sex, by
age), sexual object choice (e.g., homosexuality, bisexuality),
various forms of commercial sex, the genderization of sexuality
(e.g., transgenderism, the gendered shaping of sex work), and other
modes of sexual expression (e.g., fetishism, urine play, enema
clubs).  There will be weekly lectures, videos and discussions.
Readings will concentrate on the basic and classic material in the
objectivist approach to the study of sexuality. Grades will be
primarily based on three non-cumulative in-class closed book essay
exams; no papers.