Sociology | Sociological Theory
S540 | 12866 | Steensland

S540	Sociological Theory	(3 credit hours)
12866	11:15A-1:10P, T		Room: S7 100
Brian Steensland

This course is oriented around three main tasks. First and foremost,
it will introduce students to some of the major theoretical
approaches and concepts that guide sociological research today, and
show how these theories grew out of attempts to understand social
change in the 19th and 20th centuries. Second, it will introduce
students to persistent tensions that animate many of the debates in
the social sciences. These include the antimonies of structure--
agency, social integration--social conflict, macro--micro, material--
symbolic, and rationality--non-rationality.  Third, it will provide
examples of contemporary empirical research that are animated by
theoretical perspectives and concerns.